The golf towel you didn't know you needed until now

NO DIRT GOLF introduces the first golf towel + club brush combination on the market


NO DIRT GOLF was founded in 2022 with one core goal - to enrich the player experience. We believe that playing good golf is attainable for everyone who picks up the game and our NO DIRT GOLF towels provides a player with the tools needed to have repeatable, crisp, ball striking.

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Built in brush

Our built in club brush allows for easy and convenient use throughout your round. Whether your towel is hanging off you bag or you bring it with you for every shot, your grooves will thank you.

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Waffles anyone?

Microfiber construction

Our towel's microfiber material is built to retain water longer than your traditional golf towel. Whether you flossing irons in the desert heat or bombing drives up and down the East Coast, you can trust the performance of your NO DIRT GOLF towel will hold up in the elements.

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We partner with the world's top golf courses to deliver custom embroidered towels for pro shops, member-guest tournaments, or any event your looking to make a splash at.

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